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Interactive Games and Mobile Apps for Public Engagement

Thursday, 7 April 2011

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Interactive games and mobile applications that support public engagement are proliferating rapidly.

Online interactive games such as Virtual Mine,Participatory Chinatown, and others educate people about issues or challenges in ways that can add value to public engagement. These experiences deepen and broaden how people understand and talk together about issues that are important to them, and have the potential for changing how people interpret other perspectives.

Mobile apps provide a means for collecting information and interacting with stakeholders on a real-time basis. From reporting problems (e.g., to Twyford's new Facilitation First Aid app, texting to support stakeholder information gathering, and other uses too, mobile technology is being used in both the developed and developing world to effectively engage people.

Yet there is little discussion about how we consider and choose among these two kinds of tools when creating an engagement strategy, and little discussion about how they are effectively being used by organizations today for engagement purposes.

  • How are interactive games and mobile apps being used today for engagement? What's on the horizon?
  • What criteria do we use to review and evaluate interactive games and mobile apps?
  • How have other organizations and communities used them for the best effect?
  • How do we best integrate them with other engagement tools and approaches?

Please join us for this important and timely discussion.

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