Our classs are organized into two complimentary sub-competencies: Managing P2 Teams and Managing the Process.

Managing P2 Teams classes are described below. For Managing the Process classes, click here.

We also offer a number of elective classes related to the Management Competency. Click here for class descriptions.

Class Descriptions - Managing P2 Teams

1. Project Management Highlights the essential project skills necessary for the effective and efficient management of the P2 function, including the management of external consultants and subconsultants. Distinguishes between project management and contract management and provides Managers with strategies to effectively support both. Attendees practice how to develop a project management plan of their own and strategies for effectively implementing it.
2. Budgeting and Economic Analysis Examines the budgeting and economic dimensions of public participation, including the link to organizational performance metrics. Guides Managers in identifying and developing budgets and business cases for public participation. Attendees create and present their own project budget and business case for P2.
3. Leadership and Organizational Dynamics Examines the roles Managers of P2 processes play in interactions with Leaders, and the impact organizational dynamics have in the success or failure of P2 processes. Attendees identify and develop for their own use practical strategies for effective internal team management.
4. Ethics of Public Participation An in-depth exploration of selected professional codes of ethics for Managers of P2 processes and their applicability to the day-to-day practice of public participation. Attendees identify and discuss practical strategies and approaches for applying ethical standards and addressing ethical dilemmas.
5. Decision Making and Collaboration This class focuses on how decisions are made using input provided by participatory processes. An overview of decision models will be presented and attendees will learn and practice techniques for decision modeling and evaluation that are applicable to their own P2 processes.

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