Coaching Services

Enhance Your Effectiveness as a P2 Leader/Manager

PublicDecisions offers individual and project team coaching in conjunction with Richard Raymond Associates, a New York-based executive leadership company with extensive experience in public participation and entrepreneurial development. These services are specifically designed to serve the needs of P2 professionals.

What is Coaching?

Coaching is an interactive, results-oriented process that helps individuals and teams maximize their potential and achieve significant goals. Widely recognized as an important personal and professional leadership development tool, coaching provides:

  • increased insight for executive decision making and action
  • focus to close the gap between where you are and where you want to be—at the top of your game, achieving your goals as a leader or manager
  • a safe place to think out loud and work creatively to address challenges, issues and problems

What Makes Our Coaching Services Distinctive?

PublicDecisions' and Richard Raymond Associates' extensive experience with participatory processes means we understand the unique challenges you face as a P2 professional. We know the ins and outs of participatory processes in both the public and private sectors.

Like the athlete who hones her skill in a single sport or the attorney who specializes in one area of law, our coaching services are tailored specifically to the P2 industry. We focus on enhancing the effectiveness of participatory processes that you design and implement.

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