Our training classes are designed to develop two core competencies, which together form the key to effectively and efficiently working with stakeholders:

  • Leadership of Public Participation*
  • Management of Public Participation

Leadership classes provide a vital foundation for exploring and developing your own innate leadership skills and talents. Management classes emphasize the planning and performance elements needed to achieive successful public processes and outcomes.

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PublicDecisions also offers an array of periodic roundtables, seminars, and networking opportunities related to the leadership and management of public participation.

Training on Demand

We can develop new classes or schedule additional sessions of our regular classes upon request. Contact us for more details.

Skilled Instructors

All classes are led by experienced instructors who meet PublicDecision’s rigorous eligibility standards.


*Public participation is the process by which stakeholders are involved by public, private or nonprofit/community organizations in making decisions that potentially affect them. It is also referred to as public involvement, community engagement, stakeholder engagement or involvement, and civic or citizen engagement.