Stakeholder Engagement 2010TM
The Annual International Online Conference

Including the Excluded: Social/Environmental Justice,
Accessibility, and Social Inclusion in Engagement

2-4 March 2010
Presented by PublicDecisions and

Three days of presentations, networking, virtual tours, and more!

Effectively engaging diverse people or groups can be challenging. What works for the majority of stakeholders may not work well for some individuals or groups.

This is especially true for those who have historically been excluded (e.g., groups subject to racial or ethnic discrimination), individuals with physical or mental disabilities, and persons who are socially excluded for a variety of reasons (such as illegal aliens or the homeless).  Because of history, social norms, or other factors, we may need different or distinct ways of approaching and practicing engagement with such individuals or groups.

The Stakeholder Engagement 2010 Conference will focus on this critical subject area.  Conference sessions will feature "lessons learned" from around the globe about the engagement of:

  • Historically excluded or underserved groups (Social or Environmental Justice)
  • Individuals with physical or mental disabilities (Accessibility)
  • Persons who are socially excluded by geography, personal habits and appearance, class structure, income, education, or religion (Social Inclusion)

All conference sessions, field trips, and networking events will take place via webcast/webinar, Skype, or in virtual worlds.

Conference tracks include:

  1. Community Engagement for community planning, transportation, and the "built" environment.
  2. Health Engagement for health prevention, promotion, assessment, and community health partnerships.
  3. Environmental Engagement for preservation and protection of the natural environment.
  4. Civic Engagement for building the skills and abilities of individuals, groups, and communities to take action on problems, needs, or concerns.


Optional PreConference Training:

World Café Techniques Workshop: Skills for Planning and Leading Face-to-Face and Virtual World Cafes
Thursday, 25 February 2010, 10:00-16:00 EST / 15:00-21:00 GMT ($100 USD)

This training takes place in Second Life®; you must have a Second Life account (it's free) and avatar to participate.

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