Working Groups

PublicDecisions sponsors two working groups for P2 professionals:

  • Stakeholder Engagement Consultants Group
  • Virtual Worlds for Engagement Working Group

Monthly meetings (online or via teleconference) feature resources, networking activities, and speakers on topics of interest. Participation is free to Circle Club members.

Stakeholder Engagement Consultants Group

Next meeting: Thursday, 24 February 2011, 18:00 Eastern (New York) / 23:00 GMT (60 minutes).
Facilitated by Rick Raymond of Richard Raymond Associates, Inc.

About the group. Primarily for consultants in the stakeholder engagement process, the group is a forum for:

  • Developing leading-edge knowledge about stakeholder engagement practices and trends
  • Discussing "what keeps you awake at night" as a consultant
  • Creating awareness of new and existing member products or services
  • Networking/meeting others who work in this field

Join by becoming a member of the Stakeholder Engagement Consultants Group on LinkedIn. LinkedIn accounts are free; just search in "Groups" for us by name. (Having difficulty joining the group? Send us a note.)

Virtual Worlds for Engagement Working Group

Next meeting: Wednesday, 9 March 2011, time TBA

About the group: Open to P2 professionals and others interested in the use of virtual worlds in stakeholder engagement processes. Some meetings take place in virtual worlds such as Second Life, so high-speed internet access is essential.

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