Calendar of Stakeholder Engagement Events

Featuring training opportunities, professional development events, networking gatherings, and other programs sponsored by public and private organizations around the globe.

The above list shows the next 10 events on the Stakeholder Engagement Group calendar. To see the full calendar, click here.

Have an event to announce?  Post it yourself at

Here's how: After signing in (you'll need a Yahoo account), scroll to the bottom menu and click Groups. Use the search function to find the Stakeholder Engagement group. Click on the group name and then "Join this group." On the top-line menu click Add an Event and follow the instructions.  After posting your event, click “Send to Group” and choose Stakeholder Engagement from the drop-down menu. (That's how your event gets placed on this calendar.)

Postings are subject to moderator approval.  Guidelines for posting events to this calendar are:

  1. Event must be open to the public (not "invitation only")
  2. Subject matter must be related to stakeholder engagement
  3. Posting must abide by common norms of decency and appropriateness