Coaching Services

Services Available

Individual Coaching addresses the challenges you face in developing and implementing participatory processes, on your own or as a team leader. For example, individual coaching can provide a safe environment for you to discuss or consider strategies for:

•  Dealing with difficult stakeholders and resolving conflicts

•  Overcoming unforeseen P2 process issues or problems

•  Identifying and resolving your own blind spots that can impede P2 process success

At your option, individual coaching may also be used to address professional, managerial or leadership challenges that go beyond your P2 work.

Project Team Coaching is designed to enhance both your own performance as a team leader and the performance of the team as a whole. Team coaching can be valuable for:

•  Resolving conflicts within P2 project teams that detract from team effectiveness

•  Effectively managing expectations for P2 projects—both within the team and at your client's senior management level

•  Developing alignment among sponsors, stakeholders, and team members on goals and vision, including creating positive team dynamics and establishing team focus (particularly at the start of a new project)

Questions? For more information about PublicDecisions' coaching services or to schedule an initial consultation, contact Beth Offenbacker at .

About Richard Raymond Associates, Inc.

Richard Raymond Associates is an executive coaching firm that specializes in individual and team development for public participation professionals, entrepreneurs and mid- to senior-level managers. Its professionally trained coaches help clients enhance their performance, productivity and effectiveness.

In establishing Richard Raymond Associates in 1997, president Rick Raymond built upon 20 years experience providing public participation, communications, and environmental management and communication services to a variety of public, private and nonprofit organizations. Today, Rick teaches entrepreneurship at New York University and is a senior advisor to Synchromind, Inc., an executive coaching, consulting and training firm.