What's Involved

The first step is to thoroughly review this website, including our eligibility standards, to ensure that what we offer is a good match for your experience and interests.

Next, submit an expression of interest by email with a copy of your résumé or c.v. If you're an organization, submit an overview of your current training program, including a list or relevant classes. We'll send you a short checklist of additional items we'll need, plus details about our financial arrangement with entrepreneur-instructors.

We'll move to the preparation stage--planning and promoting your classes--upon receipt of your signed agreement and first month's access fee.


Our Getting Started Kit asks a series of strategic questions to help you think through your training portfolio and help us effectively promote it for you.

The planning stage includes training on how to use PublicDecisions’ web-based teaching platform. If you’re comfortable with web-based training and have a fully developed course curriculum, you can move quickly to scheduling, promoting and teaching your classes. However, if you’d like some “live” practice before conducting a formal class, you can invite some colleagues to participate in a dry run.


Once we know the details of your classes, we promote them on the PublicDecisions website and through our quarterly Training Schedule e-newsletter.

We also provide you a customized email about the classes to send to prospective participants and a free publicity plan for your use in further encouraging training class registration. The more participants you register for a training class, the greater your potential revenue.

To encourage attendance, we send registered participants a reminder three business days before the class, and again on the morning of the class.

The Last Step–Teaching

Log in, turn on your web cam, and teach your class. It’s that simple. Technical assistance is just a click away if you need it.

Evaluations are incorporated into every training class so you can learn what’s working well and what may need improvement. We also post the evaluations for review by prospective participants.