PublicDecisions takes great pride in the quality of training offered through its website. For this reason, all instructors are required to meet the following minimum standards:


  • Practical Experience. At least ten years experience as a p2 practitioner or in the substantive area in which you propose to teach. At least 50% of your responsibilities should include public involvement work. You can describe at least three projects which used the tools, techniques or approach that you intend to teach.
  • Teaching Experience. At least two years experience instructing adults in a professional or academic setting on subjects related to public involvement.
  • References. Four professional references with personal knowledge of your practical experience and/or your training/teaching experience.

Professional Associations and Nonprofits/NGOs

  • In-Person Training. Your organization currently offers in-person classes or workshops on subjects related to public involvement.
  • Quality Assurance Through Feedback. Your organization collects and employs participant feedback to ensure a quality training experience. You can demonstrate how such feedback was used within the last 24 months.
  • Experienced Trainers Interested in Teaching Online. Your organization has at least one instructor who already teaches a related in-person class and is willing to teach online via the PublicDecisions website.
  • References. You can provide four professional references (see above) for each proposed instructor.