Nonprofit/NGO Leaders

As a nonprofit/NGO leader, you work closely with individuals and other organizations to achieve outcomes that:

  • Serve public needs
  • Achieve social change or justice
  • Enhance democratic practices
  • Address difficult community problems.

Which tools and techniques are most effective for engaging citizens in civil society? What “lessons learned” can assist you in accomplishing your goals? What new and emerging trends and practices do you need to know?

PublicDecisions offers convenient, affordable training classes via the web for nonprofit/NGO leaders who involve stakeholders in addressing social issues and strengthening civil society. Classes may include such topics as:

  • Using the Media Effectively to Achieve Social and Political Change
  • How to Lead Multi-Stakeholder Dialogues
  • Techniques for Youth Engagement
  • Gender-Responsive Civic Engagement
  • Civic Participation in Emerging Democracies and Developing Nations
  • Interfaith Communities and Social Action

Classes are taught by skilled professionals with experience in the public, private, and nonprofit sectors. All instructors meet our rigorous instructor standards.

Click here for a schedule of upcoming classes to serve your needs.