Public Participation Practitioners and Planners

Making good public decisions is more challenging than ever. And your role as a public participation (p2) practitioner or planner is vital to ensuring these processes are well-defined and effectively executed.

PublicDecisions offers convenient, affordable professional development classes via the web for p2 practitioners and planners who want to stay abreast of the latest practices, trends, tools and techniques. Classes may include such topics as:

  • Effective Uses of E-Participation
  • Laws and Regulations Governing Public Participation (country specific)
  • Building a Business Case for P2
  • Public Involvement in Transportation Decision-Making
  • Techniques for Youth Engagement
  • Consultant's Corner: Screening Clients for P2 Projects

Our classes are taught by skilled professionals experienced in the public, private and NGO/nonprofit sectors who meet our rigorous standards.

See Take A Class to review a complete listing of upcoming classes that serve your needs.