Elected and Appointed Officials

As a government official, you know there are many good reasons to involve or consult the public before making certain decisions. It improves the quality of the decision. It contributes to sustainability. And sometimes it's required.

You work closely with staff or consultants to create meaningful processes to learn from--and with--the people you serve. A solid understanding of public participation practices, trends, tools and techniques can help you lead and manage these processes better.

Which tools and techniques are most effective for your circumstances? What are the latest trends in citizen participation and how might they benefit you and your colleagues as you fulfill your responsibilities? How do you best use the information gleaned from the public in making good decisions?

PublicDecisions provides convenient, affordable training classes for officials interested in learning more about leading and managing citizen-oriented processes. Classes may include such topics as:

  • Citizen Assemblies: What Are They and What They Can Accomplish
  • Laws and Regulations Governing Public Participation (country specific)
  • Selecting Decision-Making Techniques for Public Processes
  • Introduction to Deliberation and Deliberative Techniques
  • Steps for Enhancing the Effectiveness of Municipal Public Hearings

Classes are taught by skilled professionals experienced in working with elected and appointed officials (or who have served in such roles themselves). All instructors meet our rigorous instructor standards.

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